Completing the Back Cover

Go to the back cover (page 4) and use the Text tool to add a title using the same font we used for the titles on pages 2-3. You used Impact. Creating three separate text boxes enables us to move each line to where we want with a Selection tool, instead of having to move it word-processor style. Type IB Learner Profile.


Go to File>Place and select the Word document, IB Learner Profile.doc. Instead of clicking-and-dragging a text box, just click somewhere and the entire article will be placed. Move it so it’s over the photo like shown here.

Inserted Text

Select the photo of the woman holding the globe. Open the Text Wrap palette (Window>Text Wrap). Click the third-from-left option at the top so the text will wrap around our photo. Normally the text will wrap around the entire photo. But since this photo is overexposed and has a lot of white area in it we can have text, let’s have the text wrap more specifically around the subject in the photo instead of the entire photo. Change the Contour Options to Detect Edges with the following settings.

Text Wrap

This causes the text to wrap around the girl.

Text Wrap

How easy was that!!!

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