Placing Background Graphics and Pictures on Magazine Pages

Open the gradient background Adobe Illustrator file with the gradient you created earlier. Open the publication IBO Magazine in Adobe InDesign. In Illustrator, choose the Selection tool and click on the gradient flag to select it. Then go to Edit>Copy, then return to the IBO Magazine you opened in InDesign and double-click on the page 2 icon on the Pages palette.

Page 2

Go to Edit>Paste and resize the object to go across the spread of pages 2 and 3. In order to resize across both pages you will need to zoom out by holding down the Ctrl key then clicking on the - (minus) key. Zoom out until you can see both pages side by side. Then resize to fit both pages. Note: In InDesign, you need to hold Ctrl when you resize the object. If you just click-and-drag the corner without holding Ctrl, it will crop out that section instead of resizing it. Your two spread spread should look like this:


In order to see your page numbers you need to arrange the pictures to go to the back by clicking on the image to select it then right clicking on the image and select Send to Back:

Send to Back

Next, place the photo you want for page 4, the back cover. Go to page 4 by scrolling or double-clicking on its icon in the Pages palette.

Page 4

Go to File>Place and place the gir_globe.jpg file. With a Selection tool, click-and-drag it to move it so the photo is flush with the bottom of the page and towards the right. To crop out parts of the photo that are unneeded, click-and-drag a corner. If you want to resize it, hold down Ctrl. This one does not cover the page number so you do not need to arrange it to the back.

Back Cover Picture

Now let’s add the cover images and titles of the articles. You could add the text into the image file in Photoshop, but if we want to change the text later it’s more of a hassle. It’s preferable to add the text in InDesign as text boxes over the image. In InDesign, go to page 1 and go to File>Place and place the file front_bg.jpg. Resize it to cover the entire front cover. Remember to send this graphic to the back.

Front Cover

Next add the text that will tell the viewer which page each article is found on. Select the type tool Type Tool then click on the canvas to add the text. Choose a font face and size from the font settings on the toolbar located at the top of the document window. Also select the center align button to align the text to the center Center Align. Keep in mind that you want a common look on all your pages. The font settings I used are shown below:

Font Settings

You will add three text boxes:

To rotate the text select the free rotation tool Free Rotation Tool then drag the text so that it is aligned to follow the lines as shown below:


Next, you will insert the IB logo and an About Us statement at the bottom of the page. Make sure you have enough room at the bottom of the cover page then click File > Place and select the IB logo then place it just to the right of the page number. To add text to the document it can be done by importing the Microsoft Word file entitled Mission Statement. Again select File > Place and select the Microsoft Word document entitled About Us. Once you click the open button drag out a box for the text to fill. Here is what you should have so far.

Cover Text

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