Set Up the Page Master/Add Headers and Automatic Page Numbers

First you need to set up the master pages. That way you can add a header and page numbers automatically. Click once on the page palette Page Palette then double-click on the A-Master icon on the top of the Pages pull-out palette to open up the master pages.

Page 1 Page Master

In the lower-left hand corner of the left master page, click-and-drag with the Text tool Type Tool to drag out a text box for the page number.

Text Box

Go to Type>Insert Special Character> Markers>Current Page Number.

Insert Page Numbers

This will insert an automated page number so you don’t have to number each page. Change the size (and style if you want) of the font to an appropriate one for you publication. Note: Additionally, you could also place text (like the word 'page' or '#' symbol) in front of the page number and it would be continued throughout all pages using the master page template. I changed my font to the following settings: Font Settings

Page Number

Select the Selection tool Selection Tool. Hold down Alt and click-and-drag the text box that has the automatic page number in it over to the second page to create another instance of the Auto Page Number. Your page number should automatically change to a 2.

Page Number

Continue creating page numbers three and four the same way you did for your page number two.

All page numbers are by default left aligned. For page 3 right align the text by clicking once on the paragraph tab to open the paragraph dialog box then clicking the right alignment button.

Right Align

Page numbers are not the only objects to put onto the master pages. And all the objects don’t have to be automatically updated objects, either. You can add photos, text, or shapes and they will all be on every page. For this tutorial, add just a simple title at the top of each page by clicking-and-dragging out a text box along the top and typing in some text. For this activity you will type the following:


Open the Paragraph palette and click the center justify icon to center the text after highlighting it.

Center Align

Up in the Control palette, change the tracking to 600 to spread out the spacing of the text to spread out the title. The Tracking setting icon is an uppercase AV with directional arrows underneath it.

Tracking Setting

To expand the text box if all your letters are not showing select the gap tool Gap Tool then click the plus sign on the text box and pull it to the right until you see all your letters.

Extend Text Box

To copy them to each page use the selection tool and hold down Alt and click-and-drag the text box to the other three pages.

Save the InDesign publication with a unique name like IBO Magazine.

InDesign Magazine Tutorial