Animals From Around the World

Directions:  In which part of the world do some animals live?  Click on the name of the animal to visit the web address that contains pictures and information about each animalís natural habitat.  Your job is to cut and paste the picture of the animal from the Internet into the large box under its title.  Then you will research this Web site to find out where these animals live.  You will then type in the box below its picture the name of the country or continent where you can find this animal.  In order to edit this page, you must go to File then Edit Page.  Save the file as Animals From Around the World.

To find the information on each animal, click on the link in the table. Make sure you paste your picture in the second row, and the name of the country where the animal can be found in the third row. Repeat this in rows five, six, eight, and nine.

To center align your picture in the box, click the center alignment button on the formatting toolbar   .
White-Faced Saki
King Penguin
Ruffed Lemur
Black Rhinoceros
Green Tree Python
Pygmy Marmoset
Rock Hyrax
The following zoo's websites were used for this project:
The Birmingham Zoo
The Pittsburgh Zoo
The Oakland Zoo
Lincoln Park Zoo

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