Animals From Around the World/ A Copy & Paste Internet Activity
Lesson Created by Patricia Janann Nicholson
Animals From Around the World Lesson Plan

Directions for copying a picture from the Internet and pasting it into another document:

To copy a picture from the Web site, place your cursor directly on the picture you wish to copy, right click your mouse key, choose save as in your menu option box, a dialog box will pop up.  You will navigate to your student folder in the save in dialog box, then click in the name list box and type in the name of the animal you have copied.  Open up your Animals From Around the World Worksheet and place your cursor in the box that you want to place your picture in.  From the menu bar, click insert, then picture, from file.  A dialog box will appear.  You then choose your student folder in the look in dialog box.   A list of pictures will appear.  Choose the picture you wish to paste into your table, then click insert.  The picture should now appear in your table where you had placed your cursor initially.

If you wish to make the picture larger or smaller, left click on the picture and a box with little squares will appear around the it. Place you cursor on one of squares until an arrow appears, then left click your mouse and drag your picture to make it appear the way you want it to.  You can also change the appearance of your picture using the picture toolbar.

Picture Toolbar

To use these features, you must select the picture first. If this toolbar does not appear when you select it, click View on your Menu Toolbar, select Toolbars, then Picture Toolbar. When you are satisfied with the results, click anywhere outside of the picture.

Assignment 1:

Click on the "Animals From Around the World" worksheet and complete activity by following the directions.  When you have completed the assignment, save it to your student folder and name it Animals_World.

Animals Around the World Worksheet
Happy Hunting!!!

FYI: The fastest way to find a specific topic on any web site is to conduct a search by typing in the name of the topic you want to find.  Not all web sites offer this luxury, so use it when you can.  It will save you a lot of time.

Directions for inserting arrows and textboxes within a document.

With the document open you wish to edit, click the arrow button on the bottom of screen (if there is no arrow, go to view-toolbars-drawing).  After clicking the arrow button, point to where you wish to place the arrow in your document.  Click your left mouse button and drag the arrow to where you want it to point (the location in which your animal can be found).  Adjust the arrow until you have it the way you want it to look (just as you did with adjusting your picture).  Feel free to use as many arrows as you wish to indicate the location of that specific animal's habitat.  Next, click on the text button located on the same toolbar.  It can be found between the oval and the single letter A.  It also has an A but has lines running beside and below it.  Point near your arrow and click your left mouse button and a text box will appear.  Type in the name of the animal that lives at that specific location.  You can also adjust this text box as you did with your picture and arrow until you text appears the way you want it to.

Assignment 2:

Click on the "World Atlas" worksheet and complete the activity by following the directions. 

To open the World Atlas:

  • Click on the World Atlas link below.
  • Click File on the Menu Toolbar. Select Save As.
  • Navigate to your student folder by clicking the Save In text box and find your folder. Make sure your folder name shows in the Save In box.
  • Click the Save button located at the bottom of the dialog box.

Open the World Atlas in Microsoft Word:

  • Point to Start. Select Programs, and then click on Microsoft Word. If the Open Document dialog, select Open an existing document. If no dialog box appears, proceed to the next step. Click on File on the Menu Toolbar, then select Open. At the Open dialog box, drop down Look In the text box. Navigate to your student folder. Click the Storm Tracking Map to open it. Click OK.

 World Atlas

To assist you in finding the countries these animals are from, click on the mapquest link to get assistance.

Once you find the country, you will open a textbox in Microsoft Word by clicking the textbox button on the drawing toolbar. The textbox is the button that has the capital A.

  • Open the textbox by clicking in the area on the map near the animal's habitat, and while holding down the left mouse, drag the textbox open. Type in the name of the animal that lives in that region.
  • Draw an arrow from the textbox to the country. Add any other formatting features.

Drawing Toolbar


Your evaluation will be determined by the following grading rubric:

Animals From Around the World Grading Rubric

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