Inserting Text

Dreamweaver lets you add text to web pages by typing the text directly into a page, copying and pasting text from another document, or dragging text from another application. Typical document types that web professionals receive with text content that needs incorporating into web pages include ASCII text files, rich format text files, and Microsoft Office documents. Dreamweaver lets you take text from any of these document types, and incorporate it into a web page.

When you paste text into a Dreamweaver document, you can use either the Paste or the Paste Special command. The Paste Special command lets you specify the format of pasted text in different ways. For example, if you wanted to paste text from a formatted Microsoft Word document into your Dreamweaver document, but wanted to strip out all of the formatting so that you could apply your own CSS style sheet to the pasted text, you could select the text in Word, copy it to your Clipboard, and use the Paste Special command to select the option that lets you paste text only.

Add Text to Your Document
Aligning Text
Indenting Text
Adding Paragraph Spacing
Adding a Bulleted, Numbered, or Definition List


To Add Text to Your Document:

You can also paste text using the following keyboard shortcuts:

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Aligning Text:

You align text on the page using the Property inspector or the Text > Align submenu. You can center any element on a page using the Text > Align > Center command.

To align text:

Select the text you want to align or simply insert the pointer at the beginning of the text. Click an alignment option (Left, Right, or Center) in the Property inspector, or select Text > Align and select an alignment command.

Text Alignment Options on Property Inspector

To center elements: Select the element (image, plug-in, table, or other page element) you want to center. Select Text > Align > Center. NOTE You can align and center complete blocks of text; you cannot align or center part of a heading or part of a paragraph.

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Indenting Text:

Using the Indent command applies the blockquote HTML tag to a paragraph of text, indenting text on both sides of the page. To indent text and remove indentation:

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Adding Paragraph Spacing:

Dreamweaver works similarly to many word processing application: you press Enter to create a new paragraph. Web browsers automatically insert a blank line of space between paragraphs. You can add a single line of space between paragraphs by inserting a line break.

To add a paragraph return:

To add a line break, do one of the following:

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To Add a Bulleted, Numbered, or Definition List:

List on Property Inspector

To create a list using existing text:

To create a nested list:


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