Setting Page Properties

For each page you create in Dreamweaver, you can specify layout and formatting properties using the Page Properties dialog box (Modify > Page Properties).

Modify Page Properties

The Page Properties dialog box lets you specify the default font family and font size, background color, margins, link styles, and many other aspects of page design. You can assign new page properties for each new page you create, and modify those for existing pages.

The page properties you choose apply only to the active document. Click Modiy>Page Properties to open the Page Properties dialog bos:

Page Properties Dialog Box

The first category sets the appearance of a page. You can change the default by clicking on the arrows to drop down a list of items or click the Browse button to place a backgrount image on the page.

Changing the Document Title:

The title of an HTML page helps site visitors keep track of what they’re viewing as they browse, and it identifies the page in the visitor’s history and bookmark lists. If you don’t title a page, the page will appear in the browser window, bookmark lists, and history lists as Untitled Document. NOTE Giving the document a filename (by saving it) is not the same as giving the page a title.

To locate all untitled documents in your site, use the Site > Reports command. (See Testing your site.)

To change the title of a page:

Title Page Properties

The title appears in the title bar of the Document window (and in the Document toolbar, if it’s showing). The filename of the page and the folder the file is saved in appears in parentheses next to the title in the title bar. An asterisk indicates the document contains changes that have not yet been saved.

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