Simple Animation of an AutoShape

Start a new document 350 X 350 on a black background.

Double click on the Auto Shape palette to open it. If the panel is not visible click on Window > Auto Shape.

AutoShape Star

On the Auto Shape Properties palette set the properties to the settings below:

AutoShape Settings

Drag the star out on the stage. Set the size to 100 X 100.

Star Size Settings

We want to make 4 copies of the star in order to make different frames. An easy way to do this is to convert it to a symbol which will place a copy of the star in your library. Select the star with the Selection Tool Selection Tool then select Modify > Symbol > Convert to Symbol (or click F8 on the keyboard):

Convert to Symbol

Select Graphic and name it star:

Star Symbol Properties

Open your library (Window > Library). Drag 4 more stars onto the canvas from your library.

Select all the star by holding down the mouse and dragging over them. All stars should be outlined with blue. Now we want to distribute the stars to their own frames. At the frames dialog box, drop down the menu by clicking on the arrow outlined with red below:

Frames Menu

Select distribute to frames:

Distribute to Frames

Your stars should now appear on their own frame as shown below:

Star on Frames

Click on each frame and notice that only one star appears on each frame. Now we want to turn on the onion skinning feature in order to see all the stars in every frame. Click on the top and bottom frame outlined in red below to turn on the onion skin feature. Notice that you can see the other stars on their different frames lightly.

Onion Skin

I will now move the stars on the different frames to the area I want them to move. Here is the path I want the stars to move on:

Star on Path

Play your animations to see if it is what you want by clicking the play button Play Button at the bottom of the document window. To slow down or speed up your animation, simply double click on the frame rate option and put in a different number. To select all the frames hold down your Shift Key as you click on each frame. Double click on the number 7 in of the frame and type in 35. I choose the frame rate of 15 as shown below:

All Frame Rate

Export your animation. Here is my finished product:

Animated Star

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