Creating Shapes

To draw an Auto Shape by using the Tools panel:

In the Vector section of the Tools panel, select an Auto Shape tool from the pop-up menu.

Auto Shape Selection from Tool Bar

Do one of the following:

I chose the spiral for this activity. With the object selected you can change the fill and stroke on the Properties panel. Here are the settings I used:

Spiral with Stroke

Here is what it looks like so far:


Changing the properties of Auto Shapes:

The Auto Shape Properties panel gives you precise numeric control over your Auto Shapes. After inserting an Auto Shape, you can use this panel to make changes to its properties. The specific properties that you can change will vary with each Auto Shape you select. For example, if you’ve inserted the Arrow shape, you can change its width, height, thickness, and more. If you’ve inserted the Star shape, you can change its number of points, radius, and more. You can also insert another Auto Shape into your document directly from the Auto Shape Properties panel. NOTE This panel only supports Auto Shapes that appear in the Tools panel. It does not support third-party Auto Shapes or those in the Shapes panel (Window > Auto Shapes).

To change properties for your Auto Shape:

Here are the properties that are available for the spiral:

Spiral Options

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