Who's That Girl/Combining a Cartoon Body with a Face Photo

First you need to open the cartoon body you want to use. I am using the picture below I got from art.com. Remember we are only doing this for personal use. If you were going to create something to sell, you cannot use pictures gotten off other sites. Open the cartoon photo you will be using or use the one below:

Betty Boop Cartoon

The first thing we need to do is erase the head from the picture. Zoom in by clicking the magnify menu at the bottom of the document window. Click the magic want tool Magic Wand Tool and click on the white background and press the delete key to get rid of the white background. Click Ctrl + D to deselect the selection.

Click on the eraser tool Eraser Tool and select a size and shape. I used the settings below to start off then decreased the size of the eraser to get in close to the body parts:

Eraser Settings

You should have something that resembles the picture below:

Betty Boop with Head Erased

Next open the photo you will be using to extract the face from. I am using my photo shown below:

Janann Nicholson

We need to extract just the head. this time I am going to use the Polygon Lasso tool Polygon Lasso Tooland left click a starting point and continue clicking around the head to select it. Click Edit > Copy > Then File > New, Edit > Paste to paste just the selected area into a new document window. You can use the Rubber Stamp tool Rubber Stamp Tool and the Eraser tool Eraser Tool to clean up you head area. Mine is shown below:

Nich Head Trimmed

Next you need to copy the head shot (Edit > Copy), click back on the cartoon body document, add a new layer New Layer in the layers palette, then Edit > Paste. Your head should now be pasted in the layer below the new layer in the cartoon body document. Simply drag the head up to the top layer.

Zoom in the head photo and use the magic wand to get rid of the white background around the head. Resize the head to match the body using the Scale tool Scale Tool and then use your Selection tool Selection Tool to move the head to align with the body. Drag the top layer under the body layer so you can align the head under the body. Export it as a JPEG file. Here is my finished product:

Betty Boop Complete

How fun was that!!!!!

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