Bevel Boss Double Frame

Again I am using a photo from the Comstock CD. The picture I am using is shown below:

Parrot Photo

Open the image and Fireworks. We are going to be adding two borders to the photo so we will resize the canvas size two times, each by 50 pixels.

Modify > Canvas > Canvas size to open the Canvas size dialog box:

Modify Canvas Size

The actual picture dimensions are 216 X 321. We want to add 50 pixels around the photo. Set the new dimensions to 266 X 371. Click OK to close the Canvas size dialog box. Notice that the pixels are evenly distributed around the photo. Click on Layer 1 to activate and draw out a rectangle on the canvas that fits the entire canvas. Pick a fill color from the photo using the eye drop tool. Here is what I have:

Rectangle for Frame

Now we are going use a filter of Eye Candy. With the rectangle still selected click on the filter button Filter on the Properties Panel and Select Eye Candy > Bevel Boss:

Bevel Boss

Accept the default settings as shown below:

Bevel Boss Settings

Drag this layer under the photo layer by clicking the left mouse and dragging it under the photo layer. You should now see your picture appear on the canvas.

Resize your canvas again by 50 pixels which is 316 X 421. You will now that 50 pixels have now been aligned proportionally around the bevel boss rectangle. Create a new layer. Drag it below rectangle you created above. Your layers palette should look like the picture below:



Click the rectangle tool with a fill of pattern > other. Navigate to the folder where your parrot picture is located and select it. Drag out your rectangle. Click on the center dot on the canvas and drag it around until you get the desired effect for the outer frame.

Fill Alignment

Here is my finished product:

Parrot in Frame

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