Applying Live Filters to Text

You can apply one or more Live Filters to selected objects using the Property inspector. Each time you add a new Live Filter to the object, it is added to the list in the Add Filters pop-up menu in the Property inspector. You can turn each Live Filter on or off. I am using the Fireworks Fun text used in the Pattern and Texture fill text tutorial to show how just an easy click can apply a filter to a text object. On the property inspector click the filters arrow to open the filter effects menu shown below:

Text Live Filter Effect

You can apply bas many effects as you want. First I am going to apply a bevel. Scroll up to Bevel and Emboss and click outer bevel to open the Outer Bevel dialog box:

Outer Bevel

At the Outer Bevel dialog box you have several choices:

Bevel Choices

Check out each of the different options by dropping down the menus and playing with the different settings. I used Flat, size of 10, color dark blue, contrast 75%, softness of 3, and angle of 135. Here is what these settings display on the text:

Beveled Textr

You can apply more effects to your text. If you decide you don't want an effect and want to get rid of it, simply click the - button on the filter menu to delete it:

Delete Filter

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