Creating a Gradient Frame for a Photo

The photo I am using came off the Comstock CD.

Water Fun

Open the photo. Increase the Canvas size by 50 pixels. Modify > Canvas > Canvas Size. Set the size to 374 X 266.

Modify Canvas Size

Notice Fireworks has aligned the pixels evenly around the photo. Click on Layer 1 and click the rectangle tool Rectangle Tool and draw out a rectangle on the canvas. Click the Paint Bucket Paint Bucket on the tools panel to open the fill options dialog box.

Fill Options

Select Fill Options to get to the Fill Options settings and chose the following settings:

Pastel Gradient

Drag out the rectangle on the canvas making sure to fill the entire area. Drag Layer 1 under the background layer.

Click on the rectangle layer to select it then click the Filters button Filters on the Properties panel and select Eye Candy > Bevel Boss and keep the default setting shown below:

Bevel Boss Settings

Click on the background/photo layer to select it and again click on the Filters button but select Inset Emboss from the Bevel and Emboss drop down list. Set the Insert Emboss to these settings:

Inset Emboss Settings

Here is the final product:

Gradient Frame

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