Easy Animation Using the Horizontal Transform Feature

Copy and paste the image below in Fireworks:


Open the Frames Panel (Window > Frames). Duplicate the Frame by dropping down the Frames Menu Frame Menu and selecting duplicate frame:

Duplicate Frame

At the Duplicate Frame dialog box set the settings below:

Duplicate Dialog Settings

You now have two frames containing the same picture. Click on Frame 2 then click on the Layers tab to return to the layers panel:

Select Layer Palette

At the layer panel click on the layer that contains the picture, it will turn blue as shown below:

Select Layer

Now you need to click Modify on the Menu toolbar > Transform > Flip Horizontal.

Flip Horizontal

This makes a mirror image of the juggler in frame two as shown below:

Flip Horizontal

Now we need to set the frame rate so that it moves slower than the default 7 rates per second. Return to the Frames Panel by clicking on the Frame tab. Select both Frame 1 and Frame 2 by holding down the shift key and clicking on Frame 1 and Frame 2. Both should be selected as shown below. Double click on the number 7 and type in 35.

Frame Rate

On the loop setting at the bottom of the Frame Palette, set it to forever if you want it to continue to animate:

Loop Setting

To view the animation, click on the preview tab Preview in the main document window then click the white arrow Play Button to play the animation.

On the Optimize Palette select animated gif as the file format:

Animated Gif Optimize

Export your file and it is ready to use. How cool was that!!!

Animated Snoopy

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