Masking with Text

Masking is basically seeing one object through another. Sort of like a window. Effects can then be added to the mask or "window" which then change how the underlying image appears. In this example we will create a text mask. The window or mask will be string a of text that has been resized and then converted to a path object. When the text is masked to the image we only see the image through the text and outside of the text we just see the canvas where the image used to be.

Save the image below then open the image in Fireworks:


Select the Text tool. The text is going to be the window so use the properties bar to select a font that is as big and wide as possible. I chose Elephant 96. The fill color needs to be white because the text is going to be masked with the picture above. I typed Precious Stones.

After the text is typed you can edit it's properties by selecting it with the text tool and the using the Properties bar. Get the text as large as possible using the font controls. There is a limit to sizing using the text tools so use the Scale tool Scale Tool to stretch the text box even more. The scale tool puts handle on the text box that can be stretched independently. With a little work you can get the text to fill a large portion of the image. The more area the text covers the better the final effect will be. The picture below shows how my text came out:

Precious Stones

Text is a special type of vector object so before it can be used as a mask it needs to be converted to a path object. Select Text > Convert to Path:

Text Convert to Path

Now the two can be masked. Select both objects by clicking them in the layers palette:

Both Layers Selected

Next we will mask the text. Modify > Mask > Group as Mask.

Group as Mask

Other effects like a Inner or Outer Bevel an be added to the mask. Select the "plus" button by the Filters: in the properties bar. Navigate to Bevel and Emboss > Outer Bevel.

Filter Effects

The settings I chose were:

Precious Stones Settings

Export the file and save it as either a Gif or JPEG.

Here is my final product:

Precious Stones Mask

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