Pattern and Textured Filled Text

Open a new document 250 X 100 with a transparent background. Select a fat font, I used Snap ITC size 40. These setting are set on the properties panel. The fill color is not important at this time. We will set the stroke color once we choose a pattern.

Snap Font

Type Fireworks Fun on the canvas as shown below:

Fireworks Fun

Click the paint bucket on the tools panel to open the paint options dialog box:

Paint Options

Click the Fill Options button to open see the fill options available and select Pattern from the drop down list.

Fill Options

Once you have selected pattern for the fill then click the second drop down list and select a pattern from the many pattern options available packaged with Fireworks. I selected Blue Wave for my pattern.

Fill Patterns

You can also apply a texture to your fill to give it even more of a unique look. To apply a texture click the arrow by the Texture text box and click the texture you want to use. You will also need to asign a percentage of the texture your want to apply. I choose Dots-Small as my texture and a percent of 77.

Fun Texture to Fill

Once you have selected your pattern we can now put a stroke on it. To apply a stroke, click on the stroke tool on the toolbar and select a color with the eye dropper that will match your fill. I choose a dark blue (#000066):


Click the Stroke Options button to change the size of the stroke. I used a stroke size of three. You can also add a texture to a stroke using the same steps.

My pattern filled text is shown below:

Fireworks Fun

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