Creating a Polaroid Frame for a Photo

First open the photo you want to use in Fireworks. I am using the photo below from Comstock Inc's CD photo collection:

Man and Tractor

The first thing we want to do is make the canvas larger in order to create the Polaroid border. The picture is 324 X 216. Click on Modify > Canvas Size and set the canvas size to 375 to 275.

Modify Canvas Size

If the canvas color is set to a color you need to make it transparent. Click Modify > Modify > Canvas Color and select Transparent.

Click on Layer 1 and select the rectangle tool Rectangle Tool from the tools panel and draw out a rectangle that will fill the canvas size. Make the fill color white. Your photo will not be visible because it is under Layer 1. Click layer 1 in the layers palette and drag it under the photo by holding down the left mouse and dragging it under the background layer.

Click on the filters button Filter Option on the properties panel to open the filter options. Select Bevel and Emboss > Inner Bevel with the following settings:

Inner Bevel Setting

Click back on the background/photo layer and click on the filters button again and select Bevel and Emboss > Inset Emboss with the following settings:

Inset Emboss

Repeat the Inset Emboss but change the settings to:

Inset Emboss Settings

Click the new layer icon New Layer on the bottom of the layers palette to create a new layer. Click on the text tool Text tool and choose a color that will complement your photo. Select a font and size that you is your preference. Type some text on the photo. This is the way my photo came out:

Polaroid Frame

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