Punching a Hole Through a Pattern with Text

First you will need to pick two photos, one that will be the actual picture and a photo that you want the text to resemble. The two photos I used are shown below. I got both these photos off the CD that came packaged with Fireworks 4 f/x & Design by Joyce J. Evans. Save them in your student folder because you will be using each of the pictures as a fill.

Girl on Beach
Water Fill

Create a new document 500 X 324 with a transparent background. How did I come up with the canvas size. I am using the dimensions of the top picture which is the girl on the beach.

Select the Rectangle tool from the toolbar and draw a rectangle to fill the canvas. Place your cursor outside the canvas area and click and drag to cover the entire are. Make sure the rectangle is the same size as the canvas which will appear on the properties panel which should be 500 X 324. Make sure the X and Y is set to 0.

Rectangle Size


Click on the Fill button on the properties toolbar and click pattern from the dropdown list.

Pattern Fill

Scroll all the way to the bottom of the list and choose other. Select the water picture you saved above. Select it and it will be applied to your rectangle. Notice it appears to be tiled 4 times. Click once on the photo with the selection tool Selection Tool and a black circle will appear in the middle of the picture. Select the circle handle and drag up to the top-right corner to fill with just one image of the water instead of four.

Drag Fill

If you still see a seam, open the Info panel (Window > Info) and put in dimension that will cover the entire canvas.

Click on Layer 1 in the layers palette. Create another rectangle with the same measurements as above but select the girl on the beach as your pattern fill. You will need to select the circle handle and drag up to the top-right corner to fill with just one image of the girl on the beach instead of four. You can't see the water now but it is still there, just under the girl on the sand.

Next you will type the text that will appear. I used Fun in the Sun. The text will be used as a cookie cutter. Use a wide font and a size that will cover the area you want. I used Stencil size 42. The fill color doesn't matter since we will be cutting the text out. I placed my text at the bottom left hand corner of the picture:

Fun in the Sun

With the text still selected follow the steps below:

The hole is punched through the sand object, and the water object below the sand is visible through the cutout. Click the water object by first clicking the water layer in the layers panel, then dragging the water on the canvas until you get the effect you want.

Select the text object by either clicking the text on the canvas or the Composite Layer on the layers palette. Click the stroke tool arrow Stroke Tool Arrow on the tools palette to open the Stroke Options dialog box. Click on the Stroke Options button Stroke Optionsand set the stroke to the following settings:

Fun and Sun Stroke

The last thing is to flatten the layers then export the photo as a JPEG. Go to Modify > Layers > Flatten.

The final result should look like this:

Girl on Beach with Punch Text

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