Color Black and White Photos

The picture I will be using I got from

Black and White Photo

You will need to select different parts of the photo. I will select the dress first using the Polygon Lasso Tool Polygon Lasso Tool. Left click around the outline of the dress then double click when you get to the end of the selected area:

Dress Selected

Next you will need to convert the marquee to path (Select > Convert Marquee to Path):

Convert Marqee to Path


Click the paint fill tool and select a color. I chose #ccoo66 as my color fill:

Flood Fill Dress

While still on the marquee layer click on the blend mode menu and select color:

Color Blend Mode

Adjust the blend mode opacity on the layers palette until you get a realistic appearance. Click on the Opacity Slider and slide the settings until you get the effect that you want. I used a setting of about 82%.

Blend Mode Opacity

This is the result I got from the color choice, color blend mode, and opacity setting:

Color Blend Mode

To keep things neat and tidy I drug my marquee layer up to Layer 1 by left clicking on the marquee layer and dragging it to Layer 1. Your layers palette should look like the picture below:

Drag Layer

Click back on the Bitmap/Background layer. We will now select the flesh parts of the photo. When selecting more than one selection, when completing one selection, click on the Shift key, begin selecting in the other area, let up your shift key and continue selecting the area. We don't want to include the lips in the selection so when you have selected all the flesh areas, hold down the Alt key to let Fireworks know that you don't want this area to be included are draw around the mouth.

Flesh Area Selected

Repeat the steps above by converting the marquee to path, selecting a color and using the color blend mode and opacity setting to get your desired result. I have been successful in using the fill of #f366a1 with the blend mode set to about 30%.

Flesh Blend Mode

Create a new layer by clicking the new/duplicate layer button on the bottom of the layer panel:

New Layer

Drag this marquee up to the new layer, then click back on the bitmap/background layer to select her hair. I choose a yellow color and set the opacity at 4%.

Hair Selection

Create a new layer, drag the marquee to the new layer, then click back on the bitmap/background to begin selecting her lips. Make sure you click the Alt key when selecting around her teeth:

Lips Selected

Convert marquee to path, then pick a dark red and adjust the color blend mode to your liking.

Modify > Flatten Layers to flatten the selection to one picture. Once the layers are flattened you can use the rubber stamp tool Rubber Stamp Tool to touch up any missed areas.To use the rubber stamp you first must state a size for the brush. I set mine at 5. Simply right click on an area you want to "copy" the color from, then click on the area you want to fill in with the copied area. Export it as a JPEG image.

Monroe Colored

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