Removing Unwanted Elements in a Photo

Have you ever taken photos and had something distracting in it or maybe you want to eliminate someone from the photo altogether? The Rubber Stamp tool clones an area of a bitmap image so that you can stamp it elsewhere in the image. Cloning pixels is useful when you want to fix a scratched photograph or remove dust from an image; you can copy a pixel area of a photo and replace the scratch or dust spot with the cloned area. The photo I am using is off of a Constock CD.

Boy and Girl in Pool

What we are going to get rid of is the man in the picture. We will be using rubber stamp tool to copy the water background over the image of the man.

Select the Rubber Stamp tool Rubber Stamp Tool. Select a brush size from the Properties panel. The size will depend on what area size you will be working with. I chose 20 for this activity.

Click an area to designate it as the source, or the area you want to clone. The sampling pointer becomes a cross-hair pointer. I am going to select the water in the picture.To designate a different area of pixels to clone, you can Alt-click (Windows) or Option-click (Macintosh) another area of pixels to designate it as the source.

Move to a different part of the image and drag the pointer. You will see two pointers. The first one, the source of the cloning, is in the shape of a cross hair. Depending upon the brush preferences you’you have selected, the second pointer is a rubber stamp, a cross hair, or a blue circle. As you drag the second pointer, pixels beneath the first pointer are copied and applied to the area beneath the second.

Rubber Stamp Selector

Continue clicking and dragging over the area until you have erased until you have the unwanted element out of the photo. this is my finished product. Can't you see the endless possibilities you can do using the Rubber Stamp tool.

Girl in Pool

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