Applying Styles to Text

Applying styles to text is a very simple task. Create a new document 250 X 150 with a transparent background. Select the text tool and type some text in the document. I typed the word "Style."

Open the Styles panel if it is not open (Windows>Style) and with the word still selected click on the text options in the panel:

Text Styles

When you select a text style it changes the appearance of the style of your text on the document canvas. Here is an example of one of the text styles that comes packaged with Fireworks:

Text Style Applied to Text

You can also create your own style. For example you have created some text that you want to use throughout a presentation or web site, you can store this style in the Styles panel for future use. I am going to edit the above style to show you just how easy it is to create your own style. Change the stroke black set to the following settings:

Black Stroke Settings

Your text should now appear like the text below:

Style Stroke Set to Black

To create a new style:

Style Dialog Box

To delete a style:

If you want to change the attributes that a style contains, you can edit the style from the Styles panel.

To edit a style:

You may want to share styles with other Fireworks users to save time and maintain consistency. You can share styles by exporting them for use on other computers.

To export styles:

Export Style

To import styles:

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