Basic Shapes

Creating Circles:

Notice the stroke and fill on the tools toolbar. To actually increase of decrease the line thickness, you will have to open the stroke panel (Window>Stoke).



Creating a Half Circle:

This is the circle shown above divided into two halves. If you only want one half, simply select the half you do not want and then click the delete key.



Rounded Rectangles:


While holding down the mouse button, press the Up/Down Arrow Keys to adjust the roundness of the rectangle.

You can always edit the roundness of the rectangle AFTER you've drawn it by adjusting the Roundness Setting in the Objects Panel. Be sure to have the rectangle selected before adjusting the Roundness Setting. If you don't see this panel, click Windows>Object.


Creating Stars In Fireworks:


Choose Star from the pop up menu. Change the Sides to 5 and select Automatic for starters. This will give you your basic star shape.


Creating Triangles Using the Polygon Tool:

Select polygon, then select 3 for number of sides.

Drag out your triangle.


Creating Symmetrical Shapes:

Notice that I have several blue dots on mine. This is how many times I clicked on the canvas to get the shape.

Use the freeform tool to pull the blue dots around to get a better shape. You will have to rotate between the freeform tool and the subselection tool .




With a little more effort, this heart could be a work of art. This exercise was just an example of what you can do using the pen, freeform, and subselection tool. The possibilities are endless.