Who's That Girl/Combining Cartoon Bodies with a Head Photo

This has proved to be the most popular Fireworks tutorial so far. First you will need to surf the Internet to find a cartoon body. I chose the cowgirl below for my body. If you are new to this activity, you might consider finding a body that does not have a hat or head dressing of any kind. The photo below could be used without the hat, but for those who want the full effect, I will include the instructions for how to include it in your completed graphic.

Open this graphic in Fireworks. This also can be done in any other editing program. With the eraser tool, erase the face from the graphic. The result should look like the graphic below:

Next you will need to add a new layer at the layer palette. If this palette isn't open, click Window>Layers. Click on the new layer icon at the bottom of your layers palette shown below:

Next if you have a head dressing, you will need to cut and paste it in place on this new layer. If not skip this part and go to the next step. With the selection (lasso) tool (shown below) on the main toolbar, draw around the hat by left clicking around the hat and double clicking to make selection until you have it completely outlined.

You will see marching ants around the hat. For the above picture, you will have to do this twice. Make sure you lock the body layer and that you are pasting on the new layer you created. Use the command Edit>Paste in Place. Do this for both parts of the hat.

Next you will need to open the head photo you want to use. Click back on your body in progress and another layer. Make sure you resize your head shot down before transferring it to your work in progress. Make sure your body and hat layers are locked and that you have the third layer active. Click back on your head photo and drag the head onto your work in progress (body and hat). Resize the head until you get it the way you want it to appear.

Last you will need to drag the layers down or up to get your items aligned. Notice that the head is on the bottom layer because it needs to be behind the body and hat. Play with the distribution of layers by simply holding down the left mouse button, then dragging the layer to the new layer. My finished product: