Editing Vector Objects/Reshaping Paths Using Path Operations

Combing, joining, intersecting, and punching holes in paths are all functions (also known as Boolean operations) you will probably find yourself using often. Many interesting shapes can be accomplished by using the path operations.

The combine options can be found by choosing Modify>Combine. The options are Union, Join, Intersect, Crop, and Punch. To see how these options can form different shapes, choose the ellipse tool with a special fill. I choose the bubbles pattern with the texture of mesh.


The Union option is used when you want to merge two or more objects. This operation combines all the shapes into the outline of them all, and removes any overlapping areas. To use the Union operation, follow there steps:


The Intersect operation works the opposite of union. Whereas Union throws away the overlapping area, Intersect keep it and throws away the rest. To intersect paths, follow these steps:

You can also apply an effect to the shape. I used an outer bevel for the image below:


The result of using the Crop operation look the same as the results of using the Intersect operation shown above. To use the crop operation, follow these steps:



The Join operation isn't the same as connecting paths together into one continues path using the join techniques with the Pen tool. To join paths together, follow the steps below:


Punch is probably the most fun of all the path operations, especially if you like to punch holes in thins.

A Star Punched Out of a Circle

Making a Frame Using the Punch Option

This is my completed frame below:

You could even go one step further and actually paste a picture inside. This makes an eye striking presentations for a web page.