Nich's Flash 8 Tutorials
Created by Patricia Janann Nicholson

Beginner Flash Tutorials
Creating an Oscillating Shape Tween
Creating a Rotating Star Motion Tween
Adding a Border to Text in Flash
Stretching Text in Flash to add Pizzazz
Creating a Rotating Ball Motion Tween
Adjusting Shape Tweens
Creating a Flying Spinning Object
Masking Text
Animated Text Writing
Rubberband Text
Moving Objects Along a Path
Tracing a Bitmap to Change the Color of an Animated Gif
Animating Filters to Create Awesome Effects
Tweening Tint Effect
Creating a Stop Action
Intermediate Flash Tutorials
Rotating Stars
Using Masks to Create a Cool Text Effect
Expanding Text
Bouncing Text
Rolling Text
Advanced Flash Tutorials
Windmill Rotating Logo
Spinnning Spiral Circle

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