Adding Titles to Your Pictures

You can add a title page at the beginning of your story and text to pictures in your story. You can create a title slide from a photo or you can make your own title slide. One easy way to make a title slide is to create a single slide in PowerPoint utilizing a design template then saving it as a gif.

First open PowerPoint. Click file new then click on From design template button located on the task pane. If you don't see the task pane on the right hand side of your document window select View>Task Pane.

Power Point Design Template

Scroll through the available templates and select the one that goes best with your story. Next you will need to change the slide layout to blank. The default page layout is a title and subtitle. We want to change this to blank. You could actually add text to your slide within Power Point but when it is saved as a gif file the text gets distorted so we will wait to add the text inside of the Photo Story 3 program. To change to blank layout, click the down arrow on the task pane and select Slide Layout.

Power Point Slide Layout

Click the blank layout option in the task pane. The title and subtitle text boxes will disappear. Next we will save the file as a gif file so that Photo Story 3 will recognize it as a picture. Go to File>Save As and open the drop down menu of save as type and choose Gif Graphics Interchange Format and in the File name text box type in a name for this slide.

Power Point Gif Format

Make sure you save it to the same folder as your pictures and story files. It is always a good practice to save all your files to one folder when creating any project, movie, or story.

I have included a title slide in the zip folder for this activity. Either create your own title slide in PowerPoint or use the one included in the activity files you downloaded earlier. Make sure that it is the first picture that appears in your film strip. Click on the title slide to select it. Type your title into the window.

Add text to title slide

Use the font options to change style, size, and color and set the alignment on the slide to your liking. To add text to another photo, simply click another picture in the film strip and repeat the same steps above. You can also add effects to your photo by clicking the effects option menu and selecting an effect. For this activity I put the names of the kids on each picture. Click Next to go to the Narrate Picture and Customize Motion dialog box.

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