Importing and Editing Pictures in Photo Story 3

Open Photo Story 3. Click on begin a new story then click next.

Start New Story

Click import pictures to get the photos you want to use for your story. I will be using the cute gif files for my story.

Import Pictures

Navigate to the folder where you saved your pictures and click on your first image. Hold the shift key down. Click on the last image to select all the images. To select images non-sequentially, hold the control key down and select only the pictures you want to use. Click OK to return to Photo Story Wizard. Your pictures appear in the film strip at the bottom of the page.


The options you have at the Import and Arrange Photos dialog box are:

Import Pictures Options

Remove Black Borders

To view the pictures in the film strip, use the scroll bar located below the strip. To view your pictures individually in the picture preview area, click a picture in the film strip, or click the Previous Picture button Previous Buttonor the Next Picture button Next Button.

If you want to enhance the appearance of a picture, click on the following buttons at the bottom of the picture preview area: Correct Color Levels:

To make additional changes such as correcting contrast or adding an effect to your picture, click the Edit button Edit Button, and then do one of the following in the Edit Pictures dialog box:

Add Effect

When you are done editing your pictures, click Save to save the changes made to your pictures, and then click Close to exit the Edit Pictures dialog box.

On the Import and arrange your pictures page, to change the order of the pictures in the film strip, click a picture, and then drag it to a new location. Photo Story marks the currently selected picture on the film strip with a dark border. If you drag the picture to a location that is already occupied by another picture, Photo Story inserts the picture you are dragging after the location if you are dragging the picture to the right and before the location if you are dragging the picture to the left.

To delete any of the pictures you imported, click the picture, and then click the Delete button Delete Key or press the DELETE key.

Click next to add titles to your pictures. If you did not crop out the black borders you will see a pop up that reads:

Continue with Black Borders

Click Yes to continue with the black borders or click No to return to the import/edit pictures options to remove the black borders. Make sure you save your project often.

Photo Story Home Button