Adding Multiple Strokes to Text

Create a new document 6 by 4 inch, resolution of 300 pixel/inch with a background color of white.

Select the Horizontal Type tool Horizontal Type Tool. On the Options Bar at the top of the screen choose a font and font size you want to use for the effect. Add your text to the canvas. I used the word Photoshop. You can use any word you like.

Photoshop Text

With your text now added, click on the Layer Styles icon at the bottom of the Layers palette and select Stroke from the bottom of the list of layer style that appears:

Layer Style Stroke

At the Layer Style dialog box select a size and color then click OK to apply the stroke.

Stroke Style Set to Red

Next you will set The 'Fill' Of The Text To 0%. With the text layer selected, go up to the top of the Layers palette. You'll see two options, "Opacity" and "Fill". You can hide the text by lowering the Opacity value to 0%, but the Opacity option affects everything on the layer, including layer styles, which means you'd be hiding the stroke as well. "Fill", on the other hand, has no effect on layer styles. It will hide all the contents of a layer except any layer styles we've applied to it, which means that if we set the Fill value to 0%, you'll be hiding the text without hiding the stroke!

Fill Set to 0

Here is how your text should now look with my stroke color.

Photoshop Text

Photoshop normally only lets you apply one stroke to text. To get around this you will duplicate the layer and then add another stroke. You can add as many strokes as you make duplicate copies. To duplicate the layer drag the text layer and drag it to the the new layer icon. On the layers panel make sure you are on the text copy layer then double click the Stroke sub-layer to open the Stroke options dialog box.

Stroke Style

Change your stroke color and change the

Blue Stroke

Here is the second stroke applied.

Second Stroke

Duplicate the layer again then double click on the stroke dialog box. Change the color and change the position to outside.

Green Stroke

Here is my finished product:

Three Strokes

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