Adding a Stroke to a Photo

Open the photo you want to add a stroke to. I am using the photo below:

Baby with Roses

The first thing you need to do is make the Background layer act like a regular layer. Double click the Background layer in the layer palette to bring up the New Layer dialog box. Type Baby in the Name text box and click the OK button.

Select Edit > Stroke Selection:

Stoke Option

This will open the stroke option dialog box shown below. This is where you can choose your color, size of your stroke, how you want the stroke to appear around the image, and the blend mode for the stroke. I selected a color from my photo by clicking on the red color swatch by the work Color, then put my eyedropper Eyedropper Tool over the photo until I found the color I wanted.

Stroke Option Dialog Box

You should now have a solid color around your photo. To make it a little more interesting we will put a filter on the stroke. Select the magic wand tool Magic Wand from the toolbar and click on the red stroke. Adjust the tolerance to just select the border. You should have marching ants outlining the red stroke as shown below:

Marching Ants

Now we will apply the filter. Select Filter > Texture > Texturize:

Texturize Filter

This will open the texture dialog box:

Texture Options

Try out what each texture does to the stroke by selecting it. After clicking through all the options I decided I liked the Mosaic Tiles for this photo. Click OK to close the Texture dialog box. this is my finished product:

Texture Strokew

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