Creating a Polka Dot Pattern

Create a new document (File > New > Blank File) at 2 inches by 2 inches and a resolution of 72 pixels/inch.

New File


Create a new layer by clicking the new layer icon on the layers palette New Layer. Next you will fill it with the color you want to use for your background. Select Edit > Fill and select the color you prefer. I choose an orange color.

Background Color

Create another new layer New Layer. Turn on your grid (View > Show> Grid) as a guide in order to make your dots appeared to be distributed equally.

View Grid

Also select View > Snap to > Grid to give you more control on placing your dots in the squares.

Snap to Grid

Now we are ready to add our dots. Click on the Brush Tool Paint Brush Tool and using a hard round brush add dots to your tile. I used a the brush preset below:

Hard Round Brush

Now begin clicking in the squares as shown below:

Polka Dot Pattern

To turn off the grid simply select View > Show > Grid. Now we will save this to use as a pattern. Click Edit > Define Pattern.

Define Pattern

At the define pattern dialog box enter a name for the pattern and click OK. I called mine Black and Yellow Polka Dot.

Name Pattern

To use this pattern again in the future you will need to take one more step. Click Edit > Preset Manager.

Preset Manager

You are going to use this pattern in the next activity.

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