Photoshop Text Wrap - Faking Text Wrap In Photoshop

Start a new document in Photoshop with the following values:

New Document

Select the Brass Brush Tool Grass Brush but leave it at the default size of 134. Fill the canvas with the brush:


Open the following image in Photoshop and place at the left side of the document. With the Elliptical Marquee Tool Elliptical Marquee Tool drag you selection out around the image.


Use the select > modify > contract to get rid of any pixels around the image.

Contract Selection

Copy the selection then return to your grass document and paste the selection into the document. With the move tool Move Tool drag the ball to the left side of the page. Resize the image (Edit > Free Transform) to resemble the picture below:


Select the Rectangular Tool Rectangle Tool.

Photoshop gives you three ways to use the Rectangle Tool, along with its other shape tools. You can use them to draw vector shapes, you can use them to draw simple paths (which is what we'll be doing here), and you can use them to draw pixel-based shapes. You choose between these three options by clicking on their corresponding icon up in the Options Bar at the top of the screen. You want to use the Rectangle Tool to draw a rectangular-shaped path, so you are going to click on the Paths icon in the Options Bar, which is the icon in the middle of the three (the one on the left is the vector shapes option and the one on the right is for drawing pixel-based shapes):


With the Rectangle Tool selected and set to draw paths, simply drag out a rectangular-shaped path, in the same way you drat out a selection with the Rectangular Marquee Tool, and this path will become the container for your text:


You don't want your text to appear anywhere on the baseball but you want it to wrap around the baseball.

Select the Ellipse Tool Ellipse Tool in the Tools palette. With the Ellipse Tool selected, if you look up in the Options Bar, you'll see a group of four icons that look like squares connected together in different ways. These four icons represent four options that determine how the path you're about to draw is going to behave. The one you want is the second one from the left, which is the Subtract from path area icon. Click on it to select it:

Subtract from Path Area

With this option selected any part of the new path that overlaps the original rectangular path will be subtracted from the original path. Drag out an elliptical path around the baseball. Look closely at your cursor and you will see a small minus sign ("-") in the bottom right corner of it, letting you know that I'm in "Subtract" mode. I turned off the grass layer so you could see the ellipse added to the document.

Ellipse Added

Now that you have your path in place, let's add some text. Select the Horizontal Type Tool Horizontal Type Tool from the Tools Palette and click in the rectangle drawn out earlier. Set your text options to the following values:

Text Options

Type in some text. I found a poem online shown below:

Baseball Poem

Click the checkmark to accept the entered text. My finished product is shown below:

Text Wrapping

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