Text Within Text

Create a new document 4 by 4 Inches, 300 resolution, with a white background.

New Document

Select the Horizontal Type tool Horizontal Type Tool.

Select Your Font From The Options Bar. You need to choose a font with thick letters. Don't worry about the size because you will use the free transform tool to make the font larger.

Font Options

Click inside your Photoshop document and type a letter to use as a container for the rest of your text. I'll type "I" since it's a nice, simple shape.

Use the Free Transform To Resize The Letter As Needed. To access the Free Transorm tool Select Edit then Free Transform.

Free Transform

Pull the handles out around the letter so that it covers you document.

Letter I

Click the check mark OK at the top of the document window to accept the change.

Create A Path from the letter by right cl first clickingon the letter I layer Text Layer then then right clicking on the letterr on the canvas and selecting Create Work Path.

Create Work Path

You probably don't see any change at this time. This placed a light colored outline around the letter.

Hide The Text Layer by clicking on the eye icon to the left of the layer.

Hide Layer

Now you should see the outline of the path.

Path Outline

Also if you click on the Paths tab you will see the Working Path layer.

Work Path

Click Inside The Path, But Don't Type Just Yet!!!

Now it is time to add text to your letter I container. Select the Horizontal Type tool again and change your font size if necessary on the font options at the top of the document window. the toggle paragraph button on the text options bar.

Toggle Paragraph

Select "Justify All" From The Paragraph Palette.

Fully Justy Paragraph

Now just type in your text. Create a poem about "I am ......." Click the check mark OK at the top of the document window to apply the text. Here is my finished product.

Text Inside of Text

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