Using the Custom Shape Tool and Filling it with a Color or Pattern

Open Photoshop and create a new document 500 by 500 pixels. Set the other options with the values below

New Document

Select the custom shapes tool Custom Shapes Tool and at the top of the document window in the custom shapes options panel click the arrow to open the custom shape categories. Select a category and find a shape you want to use. I used the heart shape. For this activity use a shape of your choice.

Custom Shapes

Once you have selected the shape click back on the canvas and while holding down the left mouse drag out your shape. To resize the image select Edit > Free Transform path. Use the handles to drag out or in to resize the shape. Click the check mark at the top of the document window to accept the new size.

If you tried to fill this shape at this time it would fill the entire layer, not the shape itself. To select the shape you need to go to the Paths palette which is located on the same panel as the layers palette. Click the Paths tab and while holding down the Ctrl key click on the Work Path layer to select the shape.


Your shape should now have "marching ants" around it:

Shape Selected

Now you can fill the selection. To fill with either a color or pattern select Edit > Fill. Choose a fill option and now your shape is filled with your fill choice. Below is my shape filled with a pattern.

Fill Shape


Here is the shape with the stroke applied.


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