Whitening Your Teeth

Open the photo that you want to use to whiten teeth. The photo I used is shown below:


Open the photo in Photoshop. Now you will need to zoom into the photo by clicking the zoom tool Zoom Tool and then clicking on the photo to magnify it. The more times you click, the more the photo is magnified. To return to 100% click on the magnification drop down at the top of the document window.

Magnify 200 Percenet

Now you need to select the teeth. Select the Magnetic Lasso Tool:

Magnetic Lasso Tool

Begin left clicking around the teeth arrow. This is creating anchor points around the focus area:

Anchor Points

As you will notice where the magnetic lasso got its name. It acts as a magnet around the teeth. If the Magnetic Lasso sets an bad anchor point, just hover over it and press Backspace or Delete. If you don't get the results you want, you can select the polygonal lasso tool to see if you get better results. Continue clicking until you get back to your first anchor point. Your selected area should look like the picture below:

Teeth Selected

Jump the teeth to their own layer (Ctrl + J). With the teeth layer selected (it will appear blue in the Layers Palette):

Teeth Layer Selected


Change its blend mode to Screen, as shown below. Brace yourself as the teeth will become extremely white, looking unnatural. We will fix that in the next step.

Screen Mode

To lesson the white effect, lower the opacity of the teeth layer until you get the desired effect.

Lower Opacity

Here are my before and after shots:

Before After
Teeth Before
Teeth After

Now click back on the original teeth photo to compare your picture. If you want to save the photo, Click File > Save As> and choose JPG as your file format:

JPG Format

Remember if you want to make any changes to this picture with the blend mode still available you will need to save it in Photoshop format as well.

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