PrintKey PrintKey

This freeware application is a “screen capture” software that allows the user to copy/capture/save an image shown on the computer.

Find an object on the computer that you would like to capture.

Once your have the object up on the screen, go down to the right-hand corner of the computer monitor to the left of where the clock is located. That is called the system tray. Double-click on the icon of the little hand with the red sleeve. This is the icon for the PrintKey application. (You can also just click the Print Screen key on your keyboard)


When you double-click on the icon (or click the Print Screen key on the keyboard), it will make a sound like a camera taking a picture as it takes a snapshot of the entire screen.

Use the toolbar in PrintKey to select a rectangular area by holding down the left mouse key and dragging around the image. As you can in the screen below I screen captured the systems tray.


After the rectangular area is selected, there are two options:

a. Copy the image to the Clipboard so that it can be pasted into another document.
b. Save it to a folder on your computer so that it can be inserted into another document at a later date.

Save or Copy

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