Bold, Italics and Underling Text

Bold Text:

To make any part of your text bold in Microsoft Word, you have to highlight the text.

Highlight the first line of the report, "Constable Tucker's Crime Statistics". With your text highlighted, click the "B" icon located on the Home ribbon. Your text will turn bold.


FYI: If your lines have too much space between them, highlight the lines from January down to Speeding. Click the highlighted text with your right mouse button. From the menu that appears, select Paragraph with your left mouse button. From the dialogue box, select the item that says "Don't add space between paragraphs of the same style":

Paragraph Formatting

When you have successfully changed the first line of the report to bold text, change the crimes themselves so that they are all bold, not the numbers that follow them. Change the Months of the year to bold text, as well as the line that reads "The crimes committed are:." When you're done, your document will look like this (don't worry about the red underlines):

Bold Text

Italicize Text:

Again, we need to highlight the text that we're going to change. We'll turn part of the text to italics. So highlight the following line:


When you have highlighted the text, click the italic icon in the tool bar. The icon will look like this after you have clicked the letter "I".


Underline Text:

To underline some text, click the letter "U" icon, on the font panel: (The keyboard shortcut is CTRL plus the letter "U"):

Format Text

In the image above, we have both the underline and the bold switched on.

Look carefully just to the right of Underline icon, in the image above. You'll see an arrow. Click the arrow to see more underline options:


So if you wanted a double underline instead of a single one, select the second one on the list.

In your report, though, underline "Constable Tucker's Crime Statistics". When you have finished, the report should now look like this (don't worry about the red underlines):

Underline Text

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