Creating a Bulleted List

Now you will add a bulleted list to the last three lines of text.

Highlight the last three lines in your Crime
Statistics document On the Home ribbon at the top of Microsoft Word, locate the Paragraph panel
On the Paragraph panel, locate the three bullet options:


The first of the three is for bullets that are not numbers or letter. The default for the first option is to have round bullets. If this is all you want then simply click the first option, after you have highlighted your text. You can, however, have other symbols for your bulleted list. Click the arrow next to the first bullet option to see the following:


You can select any of the bullets in the Bullet Library. Move your mouse over each one and you'll see a preview on your page. Click with the left mouse button to choose a particular bullet.

You have a wider range of choices if you click the link at the bottom that says "Define New Bullet". When you click the link, you'll see the following dialogue box appear:

Define New Bullet

Click on the Symbol, Picture, and Font buttons to see a list of options for each.

The second bullet option on the Paragraph panel is for numbers and letters. The default is for consecutive numbers starting from 1. Again, click the arrow to see more options:

Number Bullet

So if you wanted lowercase letters instead of numbers, select this option from the list. You can also set your own style by clicking the "Define New Number Format" link at the bottom. This opens a dialogue box similar to the one you've just seen.

The third bullet option on the Paragraph panel is for lists that are more complex - bullets within bullets. A list like this, for example:


Here the list of options available when you expand the selection:


Now add a bullet list to your last three lines. first select the text then click the bullet from the first bullet list. We went for a square bullet, but feel free to use something else. If your bullet is only appearing on the first line you may need to go to the end of the first line, select the Delete key, then click enter again. Bullets look for line breaks.

Your list should look like this:


Word 2007