Create a Business Letter

Open your Pampered Pooch Letterhead you created earlier..

Set the margins as follows:

Top: 2" (This was previously set to 2.5")
Left: 1"
Right: 1"
Bottom: 1"

Save the document with the name Pampered Pooch Letter.

Type the Letter

With your cursor on the first line of the document press the Enter two times to move the cursor down the document to save a place to insert the recipient's mail merge data.

Type the letter below, placing your name in the place of Your Name at the bottom of the document.

Body Text

Select Recipient List

You first must select the list of recipients for the mail merge. This was the data file you saved earlier. With the Mailings tab selected select Select Recipients then click Use Existing List.

Mail Merge Use Existing List

Navigate to your student folder and select the data file you saved earlier. Then click Open.

Data Source

Insert Date

On the first line insert the date. With the Insert tab selected click on Date & Time.

Insert Date

At the Date & Time dialog box choose the first date format and put a check in the Update Automatically. Click OK to insert the Date on the top line of the document.

Date and Time

Insert the Merge Fields

Include Address Block:

Next you will enter the addresses of the people you entered into your database in an earlier activity. Double space down then click Address block and <<AddressBlock>> should appear two lines under the date.

Address Block

The address block dialog block will appear. Accept the defaults by clicking OK.

Insert Address Block

Your word document should now look like this:

Address Block Inserted

Include a Greeting Line:

Double space down and click Greeting line located on the Mailing tab section.

Greeting Line

This opens the Insert Greeting Line dialog box. Choose the format you want your greeting to be in.

Insert Greeting Line

<<GreetingLine>> should now be displayed on your page.

Greeting Line

Insert Recipients First Name and Last Name:

You need to include the recipients first and last name somewhere in your letter to make it sound like you personally wrote him/her that letter. You will start the letter off with the recipients name. Double space down and with the Mailing tab selected click Insert Merge Field and select First Name, hit the space bar, then select last name followed by a comma. <<First_Name>> <<Last_Name>>, should appear where you want the name to appear.

Insert Merged Fields

Your word document should now look like the graphic below:

First Name Last Name

Preview Your Letters:

To preview your letters, with the Mailing tab selected click Preview Results then click the arrow keys to view all five of your documents.

Preview Letters

Finish and Merge

Click Finish and Merge to complete your business letter.

Resave the document.

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