Create a Data File in Word for Mail Merge

When you perform a mail merge, you can either connect to an existing data file or create a new one. In this activity you will create a new data file. To create a new, simple data file, with the Mailing tab selected, click Select Recipients then select Type a new list in the task pane.

Type New List

The new file is saved as a mailing database (.mdb) file in the My Data Sources folder, which is located in the My Documents folder. You can reuse the file for future mail merges. You can also make changes to the records in the file in the Mail Merge Recipients dialog box or by opening the file in Access.

At the New Address dialog type in the first recipient, which you will create, then click New Entry to add another. These recipients are fictional so make up the names and addresses. To move from cell to cell you can use the Tab key.

Add Entry

Continue adding fictitious name and addresses. You should have a total of five recipients when you are done. When you are done Click OK.

New Address List for Mail Merge

This will open the Save List dialog box. Notice the default folder is under My Documents. For this activity save the data source to your student folder.

Save Data Souce

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