Create and Format a Table

Open a New document in Word.

Save the document with the name Baby Names Table.

Create a table with 3 columns and 12 rows. With the Insert tab selected click Table then Insert Table.

Insert Table

This opens the Insert Table dialog box. Fill in the values shown below:

Insert Table

Once your table is inserted on the page notice the new tab that appears on the ribbon, The Table Tools tab. The two sections you will be working with are the design and layout sections.

Table Tools

Select all the cells in the first row by holding down the left mouse and drag across the top three cells in the first row.

Select Top Cells

With the Table Tools and Layout tab selected click Merge Cells to merge the three cells into one.

Merge Cells

Type the text shown below center and bold in the top cell.

Merged Title

To align data in cells, with the Table Tools and Layout tab selected click on the alignment options in the Alignment panel.


The second row will contain category names shown below. Type them as shown, left aligned.

Categories Row

You will place numbers in the first column. Select column 1 cells 3-12 then click the numbers button on the Home ribbon. The numbers should now appear in the column as shown below:

Number Cells in Table

Type the information in the cells as shown below, using the alignment panel as needed.


Resave the document.

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