Creating Image Hyperlinks to College Websites

For this activity you will need to download the zip file (open then drag the files to your student folder) that contains the college logos.

College Logos

Open your college website document, College Websites, you created earlier. Resave the document with a different name, Using Image Hyperlinks College Website.

You are going to replace the hyperlink with an image and then relink them to the website. In the Website column select the first hyperlink, Cut the url then with the Insert tab selected click Pictures:

Insert Picture

Navigate to your student folder and locate the University of Florida logo. If you don't know which file it is by the file name, select the view tab, then select Thumbnails.

Thumbnail View

Click Insert to insert the picture in the table. Resize the image as needed to fit in the table cell. With the image in the cell selected, click the Insert Hyperlink button. Paste the copied text into the Address text box. Click OK to apply the link to the image.

Paste URL

Continue adding the pictures and hyperlinks to the rest of the college websites. When you are done check your links to see if they open the website. If not correct them. Your table should loo


Resave your work.

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