Creating Hyperlinks to College Websites

Open a New word document.

Change the line spacing of the document to double space (Home ribbon > Paragraph).

Save the document with the name College Websites.

Insert Text

Starting on the first line of the document, type the text Top Ten Colleges. Center align and bold the text, then hit ENTER one time. It should appear double spaced below the title.

Type the text below left aligned on the page.

Top Ten Colleges in Florida

Insert Table

Now that the text is inserted on the page you are going to place it in a table. Because you used a separator character, a comma, you are letting word know where you want to divide the text into columns. The two separator characters are tabs and commas.

Select the text that you want to convert, the text you entered above that you created with the commas. Do not select the title "Top Ten Colleges in Florida (2012)!

On the Insert tab, in the Tables group, click Table, and then click Convert Text to Table.

Convert Text to Table

At the Text to Table dialog box accept the defaults, number of columns set to 3, Fixed column width to Auto, and make sure Commas are selected. Click OK to convert the text to a table.

Convert Text to Table

Your document should now look like this:

Text Converted to Table

Place your cursor somewhere in the top row. With the Table Tools Layout tab selected click Insert Above to insert a row above.

Insert Row Above

Merge the top row cells then Cut and Paste the title into the merged row as shown below.

Title in Table

Place your cursor in the second row, the row that you previously used. Insert a row above this row. Insert the category titles as shown below, center aligned:

Row Inserted

Insert Hyperlink

Now you will hyperlink the website address to the college web page. Select the url for the Select Text, with the Insert tab selected select Hyperlink Insert Hyperlink.

Notice that the selected text appears in the address bar.


Click OK to apply the hyperlink to the text.

Hyperlinked Text

Continue adding hyperlinks to the remaining college websites. Your page should now look like this:

Hyperlinked Text

Check all your links to see if they open the correct website. If not, fix the links.

Apply a number list to the first column by selecting all the college names the selecting the numbered list. Your first column should now look like this:

Numbered List

Resave your document.

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