Downloading and Inserting the Stories

In this lesson, you are going to create a booklet. Your booklet will have a cover page, a contents page, page numbering, and some clip art. You'll also learn about section breaks, and about Word Styles.

Download the Zip File

The contents for the booklet can be found in the Fairy_Tale's zip file that you need to download to your student folder. To download the files click on the link below with your right mouse button. From the menu that appears select Save Target A. You'll then see a dialogue box where you can choose a location on your computer to save the file. You can also left click on the link and choose to open the file.

Fairy Tale Stories

Now that you have downloaded the zip file, you need to unzip it. Double click on the zip folder to view all the word documents. You will need to all of the stories for your booklet. Open each story individually by double clicking it in the zip file. This will open the story in Word. Save all the word document files directly to your student folder. This way Word can detect the file when you insert it.

Spell Check All Stories

Spell Check each of the stories before you insert them into your booklet. If you need a review on how to spell check a document click here.

Inserting a Story

The first thing to do is to insert the stories.

Click the Insert tab at the top of Word and locate the Text panel. Click the arrow next to the Object item, and select Text from file:

Insert Text File

When you click on Text from file a dialogue box will appear. Navigate to your student folder and select the first fairy tale title Cendrillon. The story should now appear on the page.

Word 2007