Getting Familiar with the Draw Tools

Using the Draw tools is an essential skill to have before creating letterheads, flyers, newsletters, , presentations, and Web pages. Draw tools should be used to enhance the overall look of a document without affecting the readability of the message you are trying to convey. In this lesson, you will practice using a variety of draw tools.

Open a new document in Word.

Before continuing, make sure the Insert ribbon is visible. This is where your drawing tools are located.

Insert Ribbon

Using the Drawing toolbar, create and format the following ten shapes.

Rectangle with green fill, 3 pt. black line border, 1" height, 2.25" width.

To draw out rectangle click the Shapes option on the Illustration panel and select the rectangle from the dropdown list.


Drag out the rectangle on the page.


When you draw out the rectangle you will see a format tab appear. Click the Shape Fill button to see the fill options. Select a green fill color.

Fill Shape

Your rectangle should now appear with a green fill:

Rectangle with Green Fill

To add the 3 pt. black line border, click the Shape Outline button, then select Weight, then select 3pt.

Shape Outline

Your rectangle should now look like this:


To get the height and width simply type in the values in the size panel.

Format Width and Height

Oval with two-color vertical gradient fill white and black, no border, 1.25" height, 3" width.

Gradient fill is located under the shape fill menu. Select more gradients.


This opens the Gradients fill dialog box. Select Two colors, make sure the Color 1 and Color 2 are set to black and white, and that Vertical is selected from the Shading style.

Two Color Gradients

Lightning Bolt with yellow fill set to 50% transparency, .75 pt. black line border, 1.5" height, 1.5" width.

The Lightning Bolt is located under Basic Shapes.

The transparency can be located under the Fill shape > More Fill Colors. Select yellow for the fill color and drag the transparency slider to 50.

Vertical line with 1.75" height, 6 pt. black line border.

FYI: Holding down the Shift key will draw out a straight line.

Horizontal line with 2.5" width, 4.5 weight, beginning and ending with round-styled arrows.

The round-style arrows are located under Shape outlines then select arrows.

Five-point star with 1.75" height, 2" width, 3 pt. double black line border. Fill the shape with the texture Water drops.

To add the double black line border go to Shape Outline then select Weight >then More Lines. Under Style you will find the 3 pt. double black line border.

The Water drops can be found under Shape fills > Texture.

Eight-sided polygon with red fill, no borders, 1.5" height, 2" width.

To create an octagon (8 sided polygon) you will need to use the Freeform shape. When using the Freeform shape you must left click the document for the first vertex of the polygon. release the mouse then click your second vertex by left clicking holding down the Shift key. This will draw a straight line. Continue left clicking and placing your lines until you have the octagon is complete. Your finished 8 sided polygon should look like the one below:

Free Form

Continue left clicking and placing your lines until you have the octagon is complete. Your finished 8 sided polygon should look like the one below:


Square with horizontal gradient white and black, 2 pt. dashed black line border, 1.5" height and width.

Dashed border is located under the Format AutoShape dialog box. (Hint: You can get to this dialog box by right clicking the shape)

Use WordArt to create your first name in the font and color of your choice with font size of 36.

When you insert WordArt on your page it needs to be formatted to appear "In Front of Text" so that you can move it around on the page. This formatting is found on the Format AutoShape dialog box with the Layout tab selected.


Use a different WordArt style to create your last name in the font color of your choice. Keep the font size at 36.

Arrange the shapes so that all fit on your page.

Save the document as Draw.

Your graphics should look like the ones below:


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