Insert Text File

To insert a file into your Microsoft Word document, do the following:

Click on the Insert tab at the top of Microsoft Word
From the Insert tab locate the Text panel
On the Text panel, click the Object item, and then Text from File from the menu:

Insert Text File

When you click on Text from File, you'll see the Insert File dialogue box appear. Navigate to your where you saved your text file to, your student folder. Click on the file called Little Thumb to select it. If you can't see this file, click the dropdown list to the right of the File name textbox at the bottom. Set it to Text Files:

Text Files

Once you have selected the Little Thumb text file click the Insert button. The file will be inserted into your new document.

You cursor will be flashing at the end of the story, on page seven. To get back to the top, you can hold down the CTRL key on your keyboard. Keep it held down and press the Home key on your keyboard (usually just above the arrow keys on a standard keyboard).

Another quick way to get back to the top of the document is to RIGHT CLICK one of the scrolling arrows on the right hand side of Microsoft Word and select top. This will move the cursor to the start of the document:

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