Create a Letterhead Using Text Boxes and Clipart

Open a New document in Word.

Set the page margins as follows:

Top: 2.5"
Left: 1"
Right: 1"
Bottom: 1"

Save the document as Letterhead.

Open a header to create your letterhead. To open a header with the Insert tab select, click Header then Edit Header (you can also double click at the top of your document). Note that the top margin is set at 2.5" to allow for enough space to create your letterhead.

Edit Header

You will be using a simple text boxes and clipart to create you letterhead. To insert the business name title insert a simple text box. With the Insert tab selected click Text Box then Simple Text Box.

Insert Simple Text Box

Type "Pampered Pooch" in one text box. Format the text box using Arial , bold, 24 points, then place it in the top-center of the header. In another text box, type "Canine Services." Format this text using Arial, bold, 14 point, then place it below the previous text box as shown below:

Pampered Pooch

Remove the border around the text box. Select each text box then under the Format panel select Shape Outline then No Outline:

Shape Outline None

Your text box should now appear with no border as shown below:

Text Box with No Border

Insert a ClipArt image to go along with the business theme. Place your cursor to the left side of the text in the header. With the Insert tab selected click on the ClipArt button to open the search for ClipArt dialog box where you will enter a search criteria.

Insert Clipart

The search criteria I chose was the word dog. Use your own criteria and choose a picture of your choice. Just click on the graphic to insert it into the header.

Search ClipArt

Your clipart should now appear in the header. Resize it by dragging one of the handles around the graphic.

Letterhead Clipart

With the picture still selected text wrap the picture square then move the clipart closer to the Text.

Square Text Wrap

Your letterhead should now look like this:


In a separate text box, type the address, city, state, and zip code using Arial, 12 point, left aligned. Make sure that you format the text box with no border.


Place the text at the bottom left-hand corner of the header as shown below:

Header Address

In a separate text box, type the phone and fax number:

Phone Number

Format this text box using Arial, 12 point, right aligned, then place it in the bottom right hand corner of the header as shown below. Make sure your text box has no border.


Switch from the header to the footer by clicking Go To footer in the navigation section of the Header and Footer Design panel.

Go To Footer

Type the e-mail and Web site addresses formatted using Arial, 12 point, center aligned as shown below:

Footer Text

Your letterhead should look similar to the graphic below:

Pampered Pooch Letterhead

Spell and Grammar check your document and resave it.

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