Recording and Running a Macro

Macros are advanced features that can speed up editing or formatting you may perform often in a Word document. They record sequences of menu selections that you choose so that a series of actions can be completed in one step. For example, lets say that you are taking a computer application class that the instructor requires that you put your name, name of the class, the teacher name, the period, and the current date on every activity you turn in. You could record a macro that does all these steps so that for future assignments you simply click one key and it automatically inserts these items on the page. Before you record the macro you need to see what it is you are going to create.

Open a new document in word. First you will see what you will be typing so that when you click Record Macro you will know what to type. You will type the text below on the first line at the left side of the document. Make sure you single space the list. To do this while holding down the Ctrl key press the Enter key. When entering the date you will insert the date and make sure Update automatically is checked update Automatically.

Text for Macro

Recording a Macro

Click the View Tab on the Ribbon

Click Macros

Click Record Macro

Record Macro

This opens the Record Macro dialog box.

Enter a name (without spaces)

Leave the default Store macro in All Documents (Normal.dotm)

Type a short description

Record Macro

Click whether you want it assigned to a button (on the Quick Access Toolbar) or the keyboard (a sequence of keys) You are going to assign it to a Keyboard key.

Click Keyboard Keyboard

In the Press New Shortcut Key box, type the key sequence that you want , you will use F4 for this assignment, and click Assign

Shortcut Key

Click Close to begin recording the Macro

Perform the Actions You Want recorded in the Macro, which is the list shown above

Click on Macros

Click on Stop Recording Macros

Stop Recording Macros

Running a Macro

Running a macro depends on whether it's been added to the Quick Access Toolbar or if it's been given a Keyboard Shortcut.

To run a Macro from the Keyboard shortcut, simply press the keys that you have programmed to run the Macro.

Save your document with the name Macro.

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