Mail Merge Envelopes

Open your customized envelope (Pampered Pooch) you created with your return address and clipart image.

Save it with the name Envelope Mail Merge.

Connect the Envelopes to Your Address List by selecting "Select Rcpients" then choose "Use Existing List."

Select Recipients

Navigate to your student folder and select the access database you created earlier.

Data Source

After you connect your envelopes to your address list, you are ready to add placeholders that indicate where the addresses will appear on each envelope. This will be the address block merge field.

Click where you want to place the Address Block which will be at the center of your envelope.

Envelope Placeholder

With the Mailing tab selected click Address Block.

Address Block

Click OK at the Address Block dialog box to accept the default. Your envelope should now look like this:


Preview Your Envelope:

To preview your envelopes, with the Mailing tab selected click Preview Results then click the arrow keys to view all five of your documents.

Preview Letters

Finish and Merge

Click Finish and Merge to complete your envelope.

Save your mail merge envelope with the name Mail Merge Envelope.

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