Formatting Text to Two Columns/Newspaper Style

Download the zip file below and save the picture and word document to your student folder.

Twilight Activity Files

Open a new document in Word.

Insert Twilight File

Insert the Twilight Text file into the new document (Insert > Object > Text From File).

Change Margin Size

With your cursor somewhere in the document select all the text by holding down the Ctrl key and pressing A. With all the text selected change the font face to Veranda and font size to 8.5 (you will have to type in the value).

Change the margins to the values shown below:

Custom Margins

Fully Justify Text

Select all the text again on the page (Ctrl + A) and fully justify the text on the page. To fully justify the text, on the Home ribbon click the fully justification buttons Justification.

Add a Title

Place your cursor at the beginning of the document before the first word and press the Enter key to place the text on the next line. Place your cursor back at the top of the document. Type the text Twilight with the font size of 14. Center align the text at the top of the page.

Twilight Title

Save the Document

Save the document as Twilight.

Format the Body Text to Two Columns

Select the body of the article, not the title, then with the Page Layout tab selected select Columns then More Columns.

Page Layout Columns

At the Columns dialog box select two from the Presets, column width 3.2", spacing .5", and make sure the box is checked beside the "Equal column width."

Column Settings

Insert the Image

Place your cursor before the first sentence in the article. Insert the image using the Insert ribbon. With the Insert ribbon selected click the picture button.

Insert Picture

Navigate to your student folder and select the Twilight picture you downloaded earlier.

Format Picture to Wrap Around Text

With the picture still selected, on the Picture Tools Format ribbon click the Text Wrapping dropdown menu then select square.

Square Text Wrapping

Your picture should now be wrapped around the text as shown below:

Text Wrapping

Add Drop Caps to Paragraphs

You don't need to add a drop cap to the first paragraph because it contains the picture. However, you will add a drop cap to the remainder of the paragraphs in the document. Place your cursor in front of the beginning of the second paragraph. With the Insert ribbon selected, click Drop Cap then select Dropped.

Drop Cap

Your paragraph should now look like this:

Drop Cap

Continue adding drop caps to the rest of the paragraphs.

Your finished document should look like this:


Resave your document.

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