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Created by Patricia Janann Nicholson
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Have you ever tried to send an e-mail and the file is too large? WinZip is the program that compresses files by zipping them into a smaller file. The recipient also has to have WinZip on their computer so they can unzip the file once you send it.

WinZip can also assist students and teachers by compressing large project files into a smaller file to save to external savings devices such as CDs and Jump Drives. To get started you must first download the free evaluation software here.

Click on the try winzip button to download the free evaluation version:

Try WinZip

Click Run to put the WinZip software on your hard drive. This will take a few minutes. If you want to save it first, you must remember where you save the file, then click on it once to save it to the hard drive.


Once the free evaluation software is downloaded to the hard drive, you can begin compressing files. Follow the steps below to compress your files using WinZip. When you open WinZip from the Start>Programs menu, this is the dialog box that you will see:

Evaluation Version

It does state that this is not a free software, it is. As many files that are sent over the Internet by companies, WinZip has to offer a version for everyday people to use to open these files. Most people viewing the above dialog box would either choose not to open their file, click to buy the software, or if your are knowledgeable would click Use Evaluation Version. This allows you to use the evaluation version of the software free of charge!!!

So click Use Evaluation Version. You will then open WinZip that will give you a Tip of the Day. Click close to close the Tip of the Day. This will bring you to the WinZip box shown below:

Begin Winzip

To zip a large fie or number of files click New. The New Archive dialog box will open. Here you will do two things. Name the new archive (File Name text box) and browse to the folder (Save In text box) where you want to save your zipped file.

New Archive


I named my file PhotoStoryPics. Because I am uploading my file to the web I have left no spaces between the words. You can Name them with spaces if you are not planning to upload to a server. Click OK to open the Add zip files dialog box. This is where you will choose the file or files you want to compress:

Add Files

Select the file or files you want to compress. If you are selecting files adjacent to each other, hold down the Shift key while selecting more than one file. If selecting files nonadjacent, hold the Control key down while selecting the files. Once you have all the files your want to compress selected click the Add button the will add all of your selected files to the zip file.

Zipped Files

Your selected files should now appear as shown above. To add more files, click the Add button. To delete files, click on the file you want to delete and hit the delete key. To close the archive, remember we already saved it, click File>Close Archive:

Close Archive

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